Case study


case study 1


Anna, Caucasian, female, teacher.


Chief complaint:  

Migraine, 15 years


Migraine frequency: 4-5 hr, Night (2-4am), belly uncomfortable without vomit

Placement: Anterior part of the head (near tempo)

[Migraine, reduction blood flow in brain. Can be classified into 1) physical 2) psychological]


No attack or injury in head [no physical injury]

Yearly check-up – perfect [no physical injury]


Case study 2


Vicky, 31, Female, currently out of work, married for 4 year, no children. Plan to have children 5 months before. No smoke. No drink. No major surgery.


Chief complaint:
  1. Dry skin, over 10 year

  2. After 6pm, eye vision become blur

  3. Hair fall

General observation:

Build – thin

Posture – normal

Gait - normal


Local observation:

1. Dry skin

[dryness is always pritta]

Start from childhood,

Heels cracking,

Nail marking


2. Eye

Dark circle under eye [lack of vitamin]


3. Hair fall

No dandruff .

Gray hair from collage days [sign of weak liver, high pritta and toxic]

Drinks coffee and tea regularly [could be cause of high pritta]

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