Terms and conditions


1. 有額外收費嗎?

如果客戶居住的地方距離地鐵站較遠 (例如半山, 啟德),需要從地鐵站轉小巴,就會收取適量$25-$200交通費。


1. Are there any additional charges?

There will be extra charges for remote areas (mid-level and Kai Tak), $25-$100 of transportation fee will be charged per service. All additional charges will be listed before confirmation, so you don't have to worry about any charges at the door as all payments are upfront.


2. 購買後,可以取消訂單嗎?



2. Can I cancel the booking after purchasing?

You can cancel the booking but it will be subjected to the following cancellation policy. Cancellation charges will be assessed as administrative fee based on when cancellation notices are received 1 days prior to service, an administrative fee of $80 will be charged. No refund will be approved when cancellation notices are received on the service date.


3. 購買後,可以更改訂單嗎?


3. Can I modify my appointment after purchase?

You can modify the service time and date, but it will be subjected to the following terms. We only accept applications for modification 3 days before service, and there will be an administrative fee of $50 per service modification.


4. 我可以挑選瑜伽導師嗎?導師有信心保證嗎?



4. Can I choose which ones to hire? Is their service quality guaranteed?

After you have selected your preferences, we will choose the best yoga instructor ('service personnel') based on the service date, venue and other requirements. All of them have passed our internal tests and are qualified to work in Hong Kong. We will also assign them based on reviews from past users: Those with better reviews will be prioritized and assigned first while those with bad reviews will not be assigned anymore.


5. 家中的物件在服務期間損壞怎麼辦?



5. What should I do to if the service personnel damages or causes loss to my goods or equipment?

In order to prevent any potential theft or damages, please put away valuables, jewellery and fragile product to a space where the therapists has no access to. If our service personnel damage or cause loss to your goods or equipment, in any one case, Almond will only compensate maximum up to HK$300. 


6. 瑜伽導師有保險嗎?



6. Do your and yoga instructors have insurance?

We are a platform matching jobs for service providers. Almond have no employment relationship with instructors.


Almond yoga company limited is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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